Varier and the Environment


Since the company was founded, Varier® has always made the environment a top priority in the development, production and delivery of our merchandise. We are located close to the Geiranger Fjord, which is included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites. We take our stewardship of the nature that surrounds us profoundly, and we are reminded of this, each and every day, when we look out of the window. Our respect for the environment and commitment to inflict minimal harm upon the planet can be observed in many ways, some are straightforward, others more subtle.

We use abundantly plentiful, fast growing beech wood which is guaranteed to come from sustainable forests in Europe. In the case of rarer woods such as oak or walnut, we employ a veneer technique allowing us to offer the luxury of these woods in a way that maximizes the natural resources of these raw materials. We use natural wool based fabrics ‐ although we do offer leather and synthetics to meet market demand, most of our chairs are sold in wool. When we do employ synthetics, the micro fiber material we use is 100% eco friendly made entirely from recycled materials. Our semi aniline leather is treated minimally and our European leather merchants apply eco friendly production methods when developing raw hide into furnishings. We use only green, renewable sources of energy: hydroelectric power from our factory’s surroundings. Our factory uses sawdust and waste wood materials to provide ancillary heat ‐ the ultimate in sustainability and local recycling.

In our daily work, we also think in an environmentally‐friendly way: we run a ‘turn off the lights’ campaign, invest in multi‐machines in order to save energy, minimize the use of air and road transport in favor of train transportation for our employees, company cars for our sales personnel only. These are examples of the running measures we have established.

At Varier® we transport all our products through modern and efficient logistics channels, minimizing the use of air and road transport in favor of ship and train transportation of our goods. Our chairs are intelligently designed to be shipped in flat boxes, utilizing a minimum cubic volume ‐ a Variable™ balans® for example ships in a box about 4 inches high and we can fit an astonishing 1,500 units in a typical ocean going container, minimizing the costs of transport and fuel consumption. All of our packaging materials, where possible, are made from 100% recycled materials. Our chairs are built to last a lifetime, from simple, natural materials.

Perhaps the least discussed and most overlooked topic in relation to products and our environment is longevity. Longevity is most often neglected because it is perhaps the hardest criteria for any product to achieve. Moreover it is at odds with most business models today as we live in a consumption driven society based on low cost, disposable, commoditized goods. In 2008, we began to see the effects of this thinking on the various economies of the world. At Variér® we create products that are designed to last a lifetime. High production values, durable and robust materials together with timeless bold designs and aesthetic qualities that stretch beyond the contemporaries of fashion, ensure longevity to all our products. Our Variable™ balans® looks as new and exciting today as it did when it was introduced in 1979. Designs like the Pendulum™, Move™ and Date™ are designed to function in different rooms, moving from the office to the dining room or kitchen according to need. Being multi functional, our chairs allow you to do more with less.

There are of course numerous other details we could point out, these being some of the highlights. At Varier® we do not wish to be a part of the consumer consumption society. Manufacturing this way is more expensive. Doing the right thing usually is. We are doing our part by producing products that are multifunctional and built to last ‐ from materials that are abundant and not detrimental to the planet. We are immensely proud of the fact that we have legions of fans and chairs that have been in use and providing steady service for 25 years or more. Not many companies can make that claim ‐ and this is part of how we define success. Investing in a better product, keeping it longer or using the same chair for different functions are part of the purchasing decision each person can choose to make, but our chairs to provide you with the opportunity to make the right choice.