Customer Testimonials

We love hearing from Varier and Stokke owners about their products and experiences. If you’d like to share your story with us, or let us know how you feel about us or our products, please  send us an e-mail. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

“When my own children graduated out of TRIPP TRAPP, my wife and I chose to get them Variables. Our kids absolutely love the Variable because its so fun and comfortable, I dont think they realize how good it is for them! If you are a TRIPP TRAPP parent, you value quality and good design. The Variable balans was created by Peter Opsvik, who also created TRIPP TRAPP. I strongly recommend the Variable as the next step in seating for your children’s well being and study habits.”
Geir Stokke, CEO StokkeUSA – Manufacturer of the legendary TRIPP TRAPP high chair.

“I’ve been using one of these chairs for almost 25 years and I love it. It is an exceptional ergonomic chair – especially good for those who spend long hours at a computer. I needed a second one and I decided it was time to replace the original, but I live on the west coast of Canada, a long way from any retail store. The New Designs for Comfort CEO was great – he put me in touch with (a dealer) directly. The sales person very patiently walked me through my custom order and they’re shipping my chairs to me free of charge! Great chairs and great service!”
Kathy P. – Canada

“I am a University Professor, currently working in Chicago.  I have owned a Thatsit balans for about 20 years now. It is the only thing I can sit on comfortably.  It has been in 5 countries, on 3 continents.  Every time I move, I dismantle it and toss it in a suitcase, wherever I go, it comes with me.  Thank you Varier USA for being so helpful in processing my order for a replacement seat cover – you were very helpful”. Regina G. – Chicago, IL

“I love this product – it’s really helped with my back pain….. keeps my back moving and reduces my back ache. Can’t say it’s given me a six-pack, but I certainly couldn’t now live without it!”
Anonymous – UK

“Everybody who comes in the office says, Can I sit in the chair?, Then they sit in it and say, This is incredible. Its extremely comfortable and if you .. go all the way back you can sleep in it. But it wasn’t just comfort I was looking for, the name of (my) company is Future Tech and if I dont put that out there, then what am I doing?”
Bob V. – Chief Executive

“We bought these (Thatsit Balans) a few years ago and they were the best investment ever. We never have a sore neck or back since then. You can set them in different modes, the ‘relax’ mode where you lean back and the mode where you lean forward. STOKKE (now Vari) is a Norwegian brand that uses trendy smart designs with ergonomics in mind. At first it took some time to getting used to…but once you get the hang of it, it’s even easy to move around. ”
Veerle P. – Graphic Designer, Belgium

“Every once and a while a product comes along that just gives you chills. Admit it — you know what I’m talking about. It’s curves and shape draws you in. You don’t even care about the price — you MUST have it. I see countless modern and contemporary home products each day. Most evoke feelings of lust, but only the really special ones send me into a tizzy (I am) frantically trying to figure out how I can convince my husband that “we need it.”
Allie – Contemporary furniture writer

“Find what you need to fit your ergonomic lifestyle–from a computer desk setting to seating around your kitchen counter or in your living room/office, they (Varier) have a chair that will accommodate. We’ve all heard the old adage ‘form vs. function’–and here they exist beautifully in chairs that not only support the spine in the Open Angle concept of seating, but support an aesthetic work/home environment. I highly recommend purchasing your chair here, from a group of people who care about your health.”
Dr. Jacqueline Bouley – Boston area Chiropractor

“Some time ago, at a friend’s place, I sat on a Variable – a wobbly knee chair that sat like a charm; it was one of the first chairs ever that I didn’t want to get out of. (Since then I have purchased a Thatsit). Sitting in this chair is great fun; I move all the time: rocking, leaning back every once in a while, tilting forward, and each position I end up in feels good, so I don’t shift that often. Even though it has a backrest, I don’t feel inclined to use it very much. To my surprise, I can even sit on it for longer periods of time, without slumping, feeling tired of sustaining myself, or getting a stiff lower back. I totally fell for this chair; first thing I’m going to do on Monday morning is ask my manager for a Thatsit in my office. If I have to sit behind a computer for eight hours a day anyway, I might as well enjoy it.”
Anonymous – New York

“We’ve had a Variable Balans chair since 87 or 88. My father, a college professor, would sit and think and work. Back problems eventually led him to construct a makeshift podium of sorts that allowed him to work while standing because he had only one of these chairs. Eventually, he took the Balans chair with him to as many conferences as he could drive to, toting the chair, but suffering miserably when he had to fly without his beloved kneeling Balans. He gave the Balans to me 6 or 8 years ago. Who would’ve thought that an old, used chair would become one of my most prized possessions, so greatly valued out of pure necessity? Now I am my fathers age at the time he bought the chair and having endured a lengthy recovery from a bilateral laminectomy back operation three years ago (L4 + L5) I’m glad to be sitting on it now. And, like my father, I’ve found that the Balans is the only chair I’m comfortable in for any length of time (say, anything longer than 5 or 10 minutes!); it helped me return to work through terrible back pain. We’ve reupholstered the chair twice; not bad in all these years! Sadly, the chair was cracked during a move when a refrigerator fell into it, so I’m very careful to move just so . . . But today is a very special day because I am ordering a new Variable Balans chair and find that one of the things I’m most excited about is its unchanged design. I am so incredibly appreciative that the chair unlike every new iteration of the Microsoft programs I’m forced to buy and re-learn hasn’t changed through the years. You can’t change perfection.
J. Vastyan Manheim, PA

“These chairs are great—I’ve had a Wing for years, and when a piece broke after years of use, VarierUSA shipped me a new part. Great customer service”
Arild H.– New Jersey

“Hi!…First let me say that the Balans chair is a precious product to me, and I thank you for making it. Nothing else does what it does for my back! Again, thank you so for your good work.”
Lahni D. – California

“My new Wing chair has saved my back, and is helping to reduce the numbness in my thighs …. LOVE this chair~! .”
Jeff B. – College Professor, Boston, MA

“When I first saw and tried a Variable Balans chair in a store, it was in the mid-1970′s. Altho’ I’ve always wanted to own one, it wasn’t until recently that I received a Balans chair as a gift. From the first minute it has been the most comfortable chair I have EVER sat in. My job as an operating room nurse requires a lot of standing, or running around [depends on the assignment of the day]; so, when I sit at home, I really need my poor aching back to be as comfortable as it can be. And, using the Variable Balans chair at my computer is perfect. Thank you, thank you for keeping the basic design for the last 30 years!! My question is: would you be able to design a similar chair for commuting?”
Fredda S. – Boston, MA

“On behalf of my wife (and myself) I should like to express our gratitude to your sales consultant for recommending this chair. My wife has suffered from coccydynia for about 30 years with the condition worsening very significantly of late. Various treatments have been unsuccessful and she now requires some fairly drastic pain relief treatment. We have tried a number of seating solutions, none of which were satisfactory because the standard coccyx cut-out is unsuitable as my wife requires asymmetrical pressure relief. Because of the continuous gap aligning with the rear of the buttocks the Ekstrem was perfect and has enabled Jackie to sit without pain. She is able to seat more comfortably now than at any time for the last 20 years. ”
PaulT. –UK

“Dear Varier Furniture, On January 27, 1987 I purchased a Stokke (now Varier) Balans Tripos chair beech frame oster #814 green) at Jensen & Hansen in Miami, Florida USA. Since my back injury, this has been the only chair in which I can sit comfortably, without back pain. My Balans Tripos chair is an important and valued piece of furniture. I would consider purchasing another Balans Tripos/Gravity chair. Please advise how I may obtain replacement wool fabric covers and possibly a new Balans Gravity chair, as well as details regarding availability and cost of each item in US dollars. Thank you,”
Bette M. – Miami, Florida

“Great service and great products! I use Varier seating in almost every room of my home!”
Mona K. – Seattle, WA

“A back injury made extended sitting a real pain and as an editor/writer, I spent countless hours in a stationary position. My executive chair left me feeling crippled. My Dad sent me a Balans chair and I couldn’t believe the difference! I ordered a second so I could bring my chair to work sadly I left it behind. Always wondered if the next editor appreciated it! I now have a third for my downstairs office and after 20 years, am recovering the first.”
Diane B. – Pure Contemporary – New York, NY

“I saw a photo of the EKSTREM chair (in red) 35 years ago and fell in love. It was so amazingly beautiful, and the awards it had won for its ergonomic properties were so intriguing, that I moved heaven & earth to get one. When I first bought it, I was a dancer with sacroiliac problems, and the EKSTREM and I were a match made in heaven — any way you sit in this chair, your lower back says, “Aaah! Thank you!” And this chair perfectly supports absolutely any way you choose to sit in it — straight on, sideways, lotus position, knee over the back, and anything else you can think of, there’s chair where you need it and none where you don’t. After all this time, I’ve started to wear holes in the wool knit cover — with the help of friends who come to my house specifically to sit in the EKSTREM. I’m so happy that I can still get a replacement cover through VarierUSA, because the rest of the chair is exactly the way it was when it first arrived 35 years ago. If only I could say the same for myself! ”
Barbara M.– Washington, DC