Start Moving!


  Did you know, that sitting can reduce your life expectancy? I’m not talking about a few months, I’m talking years! “If you’re sitting at a desk reading this on a computer screen, take note: reducing sedentary behaviors like sitting and watching TV may have the potential to increase your life expectancy, even if you […] Read more »

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Tuesday thoughts – get ACTIVE


At my old office I suffered from daily back and shoulder pains because of our office chairs, which really effected my life quality. When I was done working I normally went straight home to my couch. Well, not anymore! Varier chairs have not only cured my back and shoulder pains, but I also generally feel […] Read more »

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Your spine on the Variable balans

variable spine

There has been a lot of focus on the Variable balans lately. I have therefore decided to dig through the archives to show the position of the spine while seated on the original kneeling chair. As you can see in the image above, the spine is in the the same position as when you are standing. This […] Read more »

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The ergonomic benefits of the Variable balans

vf 1212_editE

Aside from being a seating icon, there are many reasons why the Variable balans is so popular. The most important is of course what the chair does for you. Launched in 1979, the chair has remained popular because of the good it has done for people suffering from the aches and pains of sitting long […] Read more »

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Health and Research: In the media


“The more time you spend sitting each day, the greater your chance of dying within the following three to fifteen years (depending on which study you consult)”. – How to Stop Your Office Chair From Killing You “For the age-group studied (45 years and older), those who sat 11 or more hours a day […] Read more »

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Where does the concept Active Sitting come from?

vf 1212_editE

  Have you ever wondered how the concept Active Sitting came to be? Believe it or not, the first true Active Sitting chair was launched in 1979 by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik. Here is some background info: (Please click on the infographic to see full size) You can also read about our Variable Balans here. Or, you can check out […] Read more »

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Ty Pennington features Norway and Variér on episode

We had the great pleasure of meeting Ty Pennington in NYC last year.  One thing led to another and the next thing you know, Ty was on a plane to Norway. The result was the launch of a new show, and in this episode, you get a taste of Norway as well as touring some […] Read more »

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Traditional Seating vs. Active Sitting

One can write a million articles and present a million medical facts, but sometimes the best thing to do is to share a simple image explaining why you should choose a Varier chair over traditional seating. When Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik presented the Variable balans to the world more than 30 years ago, his aim […] Read more »

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Chair Inspiration: The Active chair in the Office This photograph illustrates how well the design-awarded Active chair functions in a meeting room setting. The playful design stands out and lifts up office environment. Not to mention that the chairs promote Active Sitting! A clear mind and ease of movement are some pretty great benefits.   […] Read more »

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Fun Fact of the day: The Planet chair designed by Sven Ivar Dysthe

Norwegian designer Sven Ivar Dysthe shows in these pictures a fun little fact about the Planet chair that he designed. Two chairs fit together to make a perfect sphere! Here’s another fun fact: If you are in Oslo, there is a retrospective exhibition based on his sixty-year career at the National Museum of Art, Architecture and […] Read more »

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