Thatsit Balans™

Listen to your body

Design: Peter Opsvik

Balans® concept: Hans Chr. Mengshoel

Your body is designed for movement, but spends most of the day sitting still. The result: a variety of aches and pains. The Thatsit balans® gives your body the mobility it needs. It’s the chair your body has been asking for.

The Thatsit balans® is the ideal chair for your daily deskwork. Runners and height-adjustable kneepads promote an open and dynamic sitting position that keeps your spine in its natural curvature and allows deep breathing. The chair gives your body the freedom to find its own equilibrium which keeps your back and abdominal muscles working. While tension in back and shoulders is prevented, this ‘active sitting’ improves circulation. Therefore oxygen levels and thus concentration and creativity are increased during your work. The adjustable back rest is designed to offer full support during relaxation. With the arms on the ‘wings’ you can stretch your upper body, raise your rib cage and breathe more deeply and freely.