About Us

Variér® is the global leader in Human Design – the fusion of aesthetically pleasing design and knowledge of what is good for the human body (ergonomics).

Formerly known as Stokke, Variér® became its own company in 2006, when the Movement by Stokke collection of seating was separated from the juvenile collection of strollers, cribs and high chairs currently manufactured by Stokke. Since that time the company has undertaken a fantastic journey. Variér® is proud to continue offering the same outstanding iconic designs, quality and sustainable materials, while introducing fresh innovative designs paired with the latest fabric choices from popular vendors such as Kvadrat and Gabriel. We continue to grow our presence globally; today you can purchase our award winning seating collection in 36 different countries across the world.

Variér’s success is embodied in a philosophy which we call: A Human Idea. This is the concept of merging the knowledge of what is good for the human body (ergonomics), functionally and design.

Our Philosophy

We make the human body central to design, learning it by heart. We know which positions promote relaxation and where and how to support the body. The human body is designed for motion, and should never be still for too long. We make chairs that meet all these needs and then we free our human imaginations to create bold, unconventional forms with perfect functionality.

Variér Furniture’s products are divided into two collections:

Human Design

A symbiosis between modern design and function. This collection features numerous styles of seating from dining chairs to lounge chairs or bar stools. As with all Variér® designs, these are all built on the understanding that seating should be made for the human body; not vice versa. The pieces in our Human Design collection have won many awards; including the Good Design Award from the Norwegian Design Council.

Human Instruments

A collection of task chairs which offer the optimal open body angle position. This collection of seating instruments has been created according to simple principles on what is best for the human body. The collection also contains the world’s first kneeling chair, designed by the renowned Peter Opsvik. The Human Instruments collection offers ergonomic task seating for all applications: home offices, cubicles, conference rooms, height adjustable work surfaces and 24/7 applications. We even offer ergonomic task chairs for children.

Varier and the Environment

Our products have been made to last. Each piece is made from the finest in sustainable materials, and is hand built and inspected in our Norwegian work shop outside Ålesund on the west coast of Norway.

Varier Environmental Statement:
We are all concerned about the environment and the effects our actions have upon it. Many companies today are quick to jump on the “green” bandwagon ‐ simply as a marketing tactic, touting one or two obscure facts. Some go so far as to implying that the purchase of their product will somehow single-handedly save the planet.

We take a different view, one that is absent of hyperbole, exaggerated claims, and is much like our product: honest, simple and straightforward. The simple fact is that one can only be so “green” when creating a mass produced product in an industrial setting. It could be argued that the greenest thing we could do is not build anything. But in the modern, industrialized world that is not realistic or practical, thus we are left with the choices we make in our design, production methods and materials. Varier® chairs are produced in Norway, one of the most environmentally responsible countries on earth. Norwegians as a society have been practicing “green” principles of manufacture and environmental responsibility long before it became a fashionable buzzword in the U.S.

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